Anthony Falin
Cat 3 Cyclist
Anthony Falin
Tony is an old Masters racer from Kingsport, Tennessee. He has a wife, son and two daughters. When not on his bike or with his family Tony spends time working in the telecommunications industry, but his dream is to one day own a miniature donkey farm. To fill the time until his dream is realized, Tony races for the Micro Metals - Bike Zoo - Sunspot team out of Knoxville, TN . He started racing after riding recreationally for about 10 years and is entering his 4th season of racing. After reading numerous books and articles about training he realized that accessing someone with years of experience racing and training to give him objective professional feedback was probably a very good idea. He called Coach Cummings in June of 2008. In that time Tony feels he has realized how ineffective his previous training was and feels he was wasting a large amount of time in the saddle. He also feels the relationship has already taught him more about periodization and the importance of recovery.


7 wins and 14 podiums since becoming a Plan2Peak Athlete
Tornado RR
Donkey Farm
Coach C on the big island
Two Man Break
Crit Win. No One Else in the Picture!
South Knoxville Road Race
Springer TT 2009 - Side view
Springer TT 2009
After Race and Happy with Results
In the A2 wind tunnel
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