Abraham Soler
Abraham Soler
Abraham was born in Colombia in the city of Bogota, in 1986. His father was a profeccional cyclist who rode In the Tour the France in 1986 with the Cafe De Colombia Team. He began racing BMX when he was 9 years old then change sport to soccer. When he move to the US, he started to commute to work. During his commutes he met fellow riders. Soon he began joining them on their training rides. During his earlier rides he was using a Mtb with slick tires but was able to hang with them, even sprint! That's when he realized that he just might have some talent for cycling.

He started racing in 2007 in CRCA club as a cat 5. He has been racing ever since then consistently improving, winning some and placing in top 10 in many of the races he enters. He is currently racing with the Foundation NYC Team and he loves it.

"Foundation is a great team with great support, my goal is to be a Cat1/pro racer and one day return to Colombia and race the Vuelta a Colombia!! And I know it Is going to happen.. "
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