Aerodynamic Optimization Camp
Next Camp: October 23rd, 2013 - October 25th, 2013

Aerodynamic Optimization Camp
This camp will be the time trialist and triathletes dream. Athletes will be using the same process as world class athletes like the riders from Garmin/Slipstream Team and triathletes Sam McGowan and Craig Alexander. Starting with a Retul 3Dimension Motion Capture Fitting to refine your bike position biomechanically and then moving into the wind tunnel to find every possible second your aerodynamics can offer. Coach Cummings will be sharing the secrets of pacing strategies, specific warm up techniques, specific training techniques, turn around techniques and other time trial and triathlon specific techniques and strategies used by Plan2Peaks World Class Triahletes and State and National Time Trial Champions. This will take place in both classroom sessions and on the road settings. You will be working with Coach Cummings in the tunnnel to increase your speed at current fitness levels, while you will be working with fitting specialist and Coach Greg Choat of EnduroCoach for your Retul fitting.

Results from Past Camp attendees are conclusive:

Broken their previous best on a 40km course by close to 8 minutes (Falin)
Set their best 40km times ever (Sanchez, Cowin, Falin, Bottoms, Griffith)
Broken the hour mark on the 40km distance for the first time ever (Sanchez, Cowin)
Set 2 course records in Grovetown, Ohio (Igoe overall fastest female, Thorton - Cat 4)
Broken their Personal Record for every course in every race this season (Cowin)
Broke Personal best in the 20km distance - (Behm, Thorton, Griffith)
Won State Titles for the First Time - (Griffith)

Please Contact Coach Cummings to answer any questions or reserve your slot. Contact Link is above. Flyer is attached below.

Wind Tunnel Camp from Greg Choat on Vimeo.


I was at your aero camp last fall and I just wanted to say thanks to your properly positioning me on my bike and decreasing my drag (not to mention some great training tips for the off season) I have accomplished a life long goal of winning a state TT championship today.

While I didn't quite hit my goal of breaking 56 minutes at age 55 (it was 90 degrees and there was a 12-15 mph crosswind) I did do a 57:05 and won by about 1 1/2 minutes passing all (I think) of my age group-19 riders. I've also posted 4 wins in 6 races in the
New Jersey Time Trial Cup (two 2nd place finishes by 9 and 2 seconds) and lead the 2010 points race at the midway point. A couple other 1st and 2nd place finishes in non-cup races and this has been by far my most successful season. In races I can compare to last year I am 1 1/4 minutes faster at 10 miles and about 2 minutes faster at 20+ miles. I have never felt so comfortable in an aero position and the results show such a dramatic improvement that I can't help but think you had a lot to do with putting me in a position to reach my potential. Thanks again and if you ever want to have a potential
client talk to me about the advantages of your camp please do not hesitate to put them in touch with me - I promise you it will be a glowing report.

Brian Griffith

I sent you an email after NJ states regarding my results and how I was pretty sure your aero camp made a difference. Well the second half of the season pretty much confirmed it.

After the NJ championship I started to alter my position to be legal for nationals(it wasn't a lot but the saddle did need to go back about 1 inch). I had been pretty much dominating the NJ 55+ field and as I moved it back I watched my power start to drop until it was generally a full 20-25 watts lower than in the original position. I was still winning but the margins were getting pretty slim. I ended up doing nationals and placed 17th in 4:22-not great but I was not expecting a lot so it was OK. The minute I got home I returned to the original position and the next 2 TT (Long Meadow and Blueberry) I won by 1:01 and 2:40. Watts were back to normal despite being the end of a long season and it felt like I was putting on an old, comfortable pair of shoes. I ended up winning the NJ Time Trial cup for 55+ and accrued the most points out of anyone in any category.

Final results for the year-
1st-Cape May
-Somerset Circuit
-Jersey Shore
-NJ State Championship
-all 4 Rt 29 age graded TTS as well as the 50+ series title
-Long Meadow
-NJ Time Trial cup 55+ season champion

2nd-Sandy Hook
-3 of the Rt 29 35km TTs

5th-Flanders (that one was a mechanical problem)


I was always a decent time trial rider but in 7-8 years of racing I've never accumulated this kind of record. Thanks again for your help this season. I am a true believer!

Brian Griffith