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ENERGYsmart Nutrition

ENERGYsmart is a personalized nutrition and meal planning program to help athlete's “fuel their metabolism”. By inputing athlete's measured Resting Metabolic Rate, calculating calories burned at work and taking into account enery expenditure from exercise we can guide the athlete to precise and personalized menu plans. These plans are designed by Registered Dieticians to provide caloric levels and macro and micronutrients consistent with ADA guidelines and recommendations. This is all delivered online so athletes can access it anywhere at any time.

ENERGYsmart athlete's can log their nutrition and exercise activity, print meal plans and grocery lists, make food exchanges, and track progress against their goals

ENERGYsmart can be added to all Plan2Peak Coaching Plans for just $30/month. Individuals that are not Plan2Peak athletes that are interested in ENERGYsmart contact us for details on pricing and plans.