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May 2nd, 2012 5:31PM
Winner Winner Chicken Dinner has to be one of the weirdest sayings in the English language. No really, what does it even mean? I know I've said it, and I hear it almost every time someone around me wins. I think if I'm ever lucky enough to get another win, I'm gonna cross the finish line clucking!

Me, Lion Spice (AKA Rohr), Little S (AKA JP) and Alex (Nick Name Needed) got into the break early and worked it out from there. Alex put in the effort of the day - super props to him. Seriously Alex we need to invent a nick name for you. Not sure how you've escaped for this long.

My favorite part of the day - even better than taking the W was the look on JP's face when I told him to attack the break! His eyes just light up! "Wait, should i do it on the hill?" - I was actually thinking no, but I just had to say yeah. He was so anxious he actually got a gap before the turn onto the hill - haha!

My 2nd favorite part could have been really bad, but turned out good. L. Spice went rubber side up in turn 2, but old skool Mt Biker guy was getting up before he even finished sliding. He was back in the group before we even got to the top of the hill. Holy crap - that is determination.

So in 2011 when i hired the wizard (AKA Peter Cumings) to help me fix my problem of climbing really really badly I wasn't sure how it would turn out. Pete, I've got 3 podiums including 2 wins since then. 1 at Wyoming - one of the BBC's hillyest courses and now two on the PICC Burch Farms course. Is Burch Farms hilly - no - but the climb is where the group splits every time. Pre plan2peak - there is no way I would be writing about my win today. Thanks for everything Pete!

Today's numbers:

* 1st of 22 dudes
* 57:25
* 21.61mi
* 22.6mph