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Tour of Washington County Race Recap!!!
June 21st, 2012 12:20PM
Tour of Washington County Race Recap!!!
Tour of Washington County has come and gone. From a performance standpoint, I felt and rode incredibly. As far as the courses were concerned, it was a bit different than advertised. Apparently changes were made this year (this seems to always happen) which gave the Road Race an uphill finish. Despite this significant disadvantage, I was able to finish pretty much with the pack and was only 17 seconds down from the lead group. We averaged more than 24mph and had around 2400’ of climbing.

I couldn’t have asked for a better TT. I woke up and felt tired but excited. Today was the day to shine. I rolled the legs out, had two egg McMuffins, and braced for impact. There was a bit more climbing than I would have liked but, I used my gears and the Wizards TT pacing technique for climbs. I averaged around 340 Watts for 23’30” which was good for 9th place. This increased my GC placing from like 43rd to 11th overall.

The Crit was a nightmare. Similar to the Millersburg Crit but backwards. It was basically a rectangle with climbs on 3 sides and had a steep downhill on the fourth side. With 80 or so guys in this race I just could not manage to keep my place at the front. Every time I would get close, I would get overtaken on the finishing stretch climb (the steepest one). I basically had to burn several matches every lap just to stay on. I ended finishing at the end of the main group with Adam. It was nice to have a teamate there with me. It kept me motivated and gave me hope. I only lost a few seconds at the finish which pushed me back to 12th place in the GC.

At the end of the day I’m pretty psyched about how well I did. None of the courses really suited me but, I refused to give up and managed to come out on top!

Thanks has to go out to the best teamates in the world and the most powerful Wizard in the Universe (Peter Cumings @ Plan2Peak)!!!