Coaching Services

Laboratory Testing
Plan2Peak offers complete metabolic testing services including Gas Exchange, Lactate Analysis and body fat measurements. We use the New Leaf Active Metabolic System, Lactate Pro Analyzer with our computerized cycle ergometer and treadmill equipment.

This type of metabolic testing was previously available only to elite and Olympic athletes. Using the New Leaf VO2 Metabolic System, Plan2Peak can accurately measure your metabolic profile and create objective plans just for you. We provide numerous training programs to help you achieve superior results and give you a competitive edge.

What can formalized Labrotory Testing do for you?:

• Establish accurate heart rate zones to train your body to be aerobically efficient

• Monitor your body’s adaptation to training

• Ensure that you are training at the correct intensity to prevent injuries and gain optimal performance

• Modify training programs according to your progress to enhance results

• Determine your nutritional needs for maximum training and performance during competition

Testing & Evaluation Options
Complete Metabolic Gas Exchange Testing Package
Resting & Exercise Metabolic Gas Exchange Test Package
Race Day Nutrition Assessment
Exercise Metabolic Test
Resting Metabolic Rate Test
Maximum Lactate Steady State Testing
Functional Threshold Power