Training Center

Plan2Peak Training Center
Plan2Peak Training Center

The Plan2Peak Training Center is a Virtual Reality Cycling Studio, Laboratory Testing facility and Full Fitness Center all wrapped into one. It is truly a one of a kind in Western New York. Athletes have one stop shopping access to a Virtual Reality Cycling Studio, Physical Therapy services, group classes, strength training and cardiovascular equipment, full locker room facilities and much more.

The Training Center is located inside Buffalo Cardiology & Pulmonary Associates Fitness Center on the second floor of 6460 Main Street in Williamsville, New York. It is conveniently located, in Class A Medical office space and has ample parking. In association with partners BCPA and Advance Care PT the facility offers diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and disease prevention (exercise) all in one convienent location.

Virtual Reality Workouts are can be found in the Schedule Your Workout section of this web site.  Classes begin the week after Labor Day and will run until May. There will be classes added in the fall but for now there will be one class 60 minute class weekday mornings at 5:30AM and more classes in the evening. On the weekends the workouts are extended, Saturday's will be 90 minutes and Sunday's 2 hours.

Classes can be purchased and booked online, using our web site below. Weekday classes are 60 minutes long, Saturday Classes 90 minutes and Sunday Classes 2 hours! Riders will be immersed in a Virtual Reality ride in front of a 70 HD Video that is personalized to their fitness level. If you haven't experienced this really makes a difference in your training. It is a must. Riders will experience a truly NO DROP ride situation where everyone can enjoy the workout while knowing the physiological demands prior to starting. Riders can also customize their workout on the fly by adjusting their own intensity making the workout slightly more or less difficult.

If you are a cyclist, duathlete or triathlete this facility just might be your savior.


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