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I fought the lake and I won :)
August 14th, 2012 10:56AM
Last year was the first year I raced triathlon. I did some super sprint races and then signed up for a little race in Butler, TN (upper East TN and as close to North Carolina as you can get; translation-HILLY).

2011 was the year of the backstroke at Watauga. I got in the water, swam 100m about and had a panic attack of epic proportions. I knew enough to roll on my back and I would backstroke/breast stroke and breathe. 31 minutes for 1000m is NOT the Olympic record in case you wondered.

This year, the RD called out lake temps of 78, air temps were at 61 so people that did not bring wetsuits were bellyaching that it wasn't feeling like wetsuit legal, but I was a girl scout. I had my wetsuit. Anyone with a brain knows when the RD says legal and you can get out of that suit fast, you use it. I used it. Still a painfully slow swim for ... (view more)