Level 2 - Podium

Monthly Fee: $249
Start-up Fee: $200

The Level 2 coaching plan is for athletes in search of a Professional Coach and that are serious about achieving their goals. These athletes are serious about reaching their optimal performance potential but budget is still a slight concern.

Level 2 coaching provides the opportunity for you and your coach, twice a month, to analyze your current level of performance, review your progress and discuss program direction. Working with Plan2Peak you will be using the best online training platform on earth, TrainingPeaks 3.0. This platform will maximize the use of your training devices, optimize your relationship with your coach and provide an archive for your training records.

The Level 2 Start Up will start with a comprehensive consultation and review of your exercise history. We will establish your strengths, weaknesses, priority events and goals during this start up. With the information gathered we will create your Annual Training Plan and put it into action. You will either provide past workout files, for the coaches review, to establish your current Training Intensity levels or you will be given a self-administered testing protocol that will establish these levels. From there, your files will be analyzed to monitor your progress, direct your day to day workouts and to redefine your training intensity levels.

With Level 2 coaching athletes will receive emails daily from their coach. It will include very specific details on the volume, intensity, terrain and other details to be used for each and every workout. There will be no more guessing as to what you are doing, how long you should be training or at what intensity you should be using. When you are done you will upload this workout and your coach will review it. Your coach will then monitor and analyze your workout files providing feedback monthly. Your coach will schedule a consultation once every other week. During these 30 min phone/video consultation you will discuss your progress, direction, past workouts, race strategies and more. The video conferencing will help you to see what you coach is seeing and help you to analyze your workouts in the future. We will also discuss any questions you may have during the consultations. Fitness tests are self-administered tests and will be analyzed to determine training zones.

Mandatory equipment includes - Downloadable HRM, Power meter (for cyclist), GPS unit (for runners) and WKO+ software

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